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Let’s face it, babies can look adorable in just about any outfit parents so gleefully style them in (such as ridiculously large flower headbands). Even though babies make for the cutest fashion models, finding local stores with the latest child product trends – beyond just clothes – can be hard. So where in Sri Lanka can you buy such cute unique outfits?

I recognized the need for a different type of retail store, one focused on fashionable yet tasteful kids clothing and accessories and thats how I started Little Things.




How it al began...


As a mother of a two, I started Littlethings when my daughter was born and I was unable to find cute baby clothes, shoes & accessories that were affordable, stylish and comfortable for my little girl. I realized that this was a common problem faced by many parents. Our babies mean everything to us and as parents we want them to look their best at all times. But in Sri Lanka where do we go to-to find affordable and stylish outfits? It was then that I started “LittleThings” which is intially a baby brand offering fashionable yet tasteful kids clothing and accessories.

Unlike most retailers, Littlethings had an online presence before opening a bricks and mortar store. Initial customer would remember me having displayed products in a book rack in a small room. As we slowly grew we opened our first store. Its not visible to the road but many customers would find us online and visit, and im soo happy that once a customer purchases their babys first birthday or photoshoot outfit they continue to come back and they also tell their friends about us.

Little Things is a proud family-oriented company with a big heart. 

Why we do what we do...


At Littlethings, mothers and babys are at the heart of our brand – we are here to make each and every Mums life easier. We will stop at nothing to ensure that you can shop in the fastest, most convenient, and most cost-effective manner. So when everyone’s counting on you, you can count on us.

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your parenting experience, a special celebration and a memory that will last a lifetime.



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